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Uncovering the Truth

Credit cards limit your rewards

Credit card companies charge merchants exorbitant fees.
These fees ultimately limit the rewards available to you as a shopper.
High merchant transaction costs lead to fewer benefits for you.
Pay with bank instead

Get the best rewards with SimplePay

Make payment by bank, just like Venmo
Merchant avoids expensive credit card fees
The savings are passed to you
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Better rewards than your credit card

When you pay with SimplePay, brands give back to you instead of to your credit card company.

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Better rewards than your credit card

When you pay with SimplePay, brands give back to you instead of to your credit card company.

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Loyalty rewards system

When you use Simple Pay, you can earn store credits up to 10%! Look out for messages while shopping. Just pick Simple Pay at checkout, and if you have store credits, use them there.

Loyalty rewards system

By integrating a loyalty program, Simple Pay incentivizes customers with rewards, including store credits of up to 10%, driving repeat purchases and increasing customer satisfaction. Shoppers see messaging for a 10% store credit when they use Simple Pay throughout the shopping experience.

Enhanced checkout experience

Real Simple Labs' solution is integrated directly into the checkout process as a payment button, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for both merchants and shoppers. To redeem the rewards, a shopper simply uses Simple Pay for their transaction and selects the option to use their store credits on the checkout page.

Enhanced checkout experience

Simply apply the credits you have and finalize the purchase at much better price while still getting a reward.

Seamlessly accept bank payments

Simple Pay enables merchants to accept payments via bank transfers, reducing transaction fees and maximizing profitability. Shoppers link their bank account easily and securely using Plaid, and payments are processed via our bank payment providers such as Dwolla and Stripe.

How it works

Using SimplePay is as easy as 1-2-3

Using SimplePay is as easy as


Once you are ready to checkout, simply select SimplePay as a payment method.


Pay directly from your bank account, and watch as your rewards accumulate in your digital wallet.


Next time you shop, redeem your rewards for even greater savings.

Pay safe

Your transactions are encrypted, helping to keep your identity and financial info safe.

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Need more help?

How do I use SimplePay?

Shop on a brand's site, and when it's time to pay, select SimplePay at the last step at checkout. All available credits will be shown to you at the payment step where you can select the credit amount you want to apply to your order.

Is SimplePay secure?

Yes it is! All transactions and sensitive data are encrypted. We work with Stripe and Plaid to ensure the highest level of financial compliance. As a consumer in the US, you are protected by ACH fraud protection laws. Learn more here.

What info do I need to sign up?

All you need is a US phone number and a US bank account. We only support shoppers in the US.

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