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Zero credit card fees to cut down costs
Boost customer retention with our loyalty rewards system
Simplified payment process for increased conversions

Value for your business

Increase average order value

Shoppers who use SimplePay spend +40% more than those who do not.

Increase order frequency

Shoppers who use SimplePay shop +50% more frequently than those who do not.

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The ultimate choice for merchants

By integrating bank transfers and a loyalty rewards system, Simple Pay provides a comprehensive solution that allows merchants to save money on transaction fees while also driving loyalty revenue for their business.

Loyalty rewards system

By integrating a loyalty program, Simple Pay incentivizes customers with rewards, including store credits of up to 10%, driving repeat purchases and increasing customer satisfaction. Shoppers see messaging for a 10% store credit when they use Simple Pay throughout the shopping experience.

Enhanced checkout experience

Simple Pay’s solution is integrated directly into the checkout process as a payment button, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for both merchants and shoppers. To redeem the rewards, a shopper simply uses Simple Pay for their transaction and selects the option to use their store credits on the checkout page.

Seamlessly accept bank payments

Simple Pay enables merchants to accept payments via bank transfers, reducing transaction fees and maximizing profitability. Shoppers link their bank account easily and securely using Plaid, and payments are processed via our bank payment providers such as Dwolla and Stripe.

Grow your business, faster

increase in average order value
increase in conversion
new customer retention
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“Partnering with Simple Pay is truly a win-win. It allows us to save on credit card fees while delivering incremental value to our customers and improving our retention.”
Laura Miller, Director of Sales at Pluto

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Can SimplePay complement my existing loyalty program?

Yes! Many of our partners use SimplePay alongside a loyalty program to bring even more value to customers (especially those who are new to your brand).

How does SimplePay make money?

In essence, our model is all about mutual benefit. We charge brands a nominal fee only when a customer returns and uses store credit earned through SimplePay. This way, we ensure that both parties align on the positive side of the equation.

Is SimplePay Buy Now, Pay Later provider?

No. Customers pay in full when they check out with Simple Pay in order to earn store credits for their next purchase.

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