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In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, the cost of doing business has reached unprecedented heights. SimplePay is here to transform your operations and drive sustainable growth.

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The Hidden Costs of Credit Card Fees
Credit card fees are silently draining your profits and undermining the unit economics of your business.

With each transaction, you're losing valuable revenue that could be reinvested into your growth. It's time to break free from this cycle of financial burden and explore a smarter alternative.

Empower Your Business with SimplePay

Save money while making money

By combining loyalty rewards with secure bank payments, you can boost customer satisfaction while maximizing your earning potential.

Reduce processing fees to less than 1%
Boost customer retention with our loyalty rewards system
Simplified payment process for increased conversions
The ultimate choice for merchants

Unlock the full potential of your business

Enhanced checkout experience

Simple Pay’s solution is integrated directly into the checkout process as a payment button, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for both merchants and shoppers.

Accept payments with reduced fees

Simple Pay enables merchants to accept payments via bank transfers, reducing transaction fees and maximizing profitability. Shoppers link their bank account easily and securely using Plaid, and payments are processed via our bank payment providers such as Stripe.

Loyalty rewards system

By integrating a loyalty program, Simple Pay incentivizes customers with rewards, including store credits of up to 10%, driving repeat purchases and increasing customer satisfaction. Shoppers see messaging for a 10% store credit when they use Simple Pay throughout the shopping experience.

Grow your business, faster

increase in average order value
increase in conversion
new customer retention
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“Partnering with Simple Pay is truly a win-win. It allows us to save on credit card fees while delivering incremental value to our customers and improving our retention.”
Laura Miller, Director of Sales at Pluto

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How does SimplePay make money?

We charge a transaction fee significantly lower than traditional credit card charges. Additionally, merchants can subscribe monthly for advanced features, like customized loyalty program management, to personalize customer engagement and rewards.

This sounds too good to be true, why hasn't this existed before?

The world has changed a lot over the past few years. The financial infrastructure to link bank accounts and easily send money (Plaid, Stripe, etc) was created only recently. Consumers are becoming more familiar with using ACH. And faster and cheaper bank rails are being built each year, which makes us believe there is finally a better way to do business.

How does SimplePay work with my existing loyalty program?

We can integrate into your existing loyalty software and philosophy. Sky is the limit with SimplePay rewards. Our goal is to help you make money while saving.

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